What is electronic cigarette and its varieties of flavor?

Many people have an awareness regarding the dangers of smoking. Electronic cigarettes are the new product available in the market, for those, who are finding difficulties to quit smoking habit. It was designed to feel and look like the real cigarettes, but this artificial smoke free from tobacoo. The user will inhale the nicotine vapor that looks like the smoke without any carcinogens present in the tobacoo smoke that are dangerous not only to the smoker, but also others around him. The liquid present in the electronic cigarette is said to be the e-liquid. The electronic cigarette contains nicotine cartridge consisting liquid nicotine. The main base fluid in e-liquid is Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. E-liquid contents solution will vary, but the common aspects involved water and flavoring in the glycerin base or propylene glycol. User can also utilize e-cigarettes with zero nicotine e-liquid. Many flavors available in electronic cigarettes are very cheap e liquid with high quality.

E-cigarette different liquid flavors:

One thing, which makes the e-smoking so exciting comparing with other smoking is vast varieties of e-cigarette flavors are available to choose from. Some of the e-cigarette flavors are mentioned below:

Tobacco E-Cigarette flavors: Tobacoo electronic cigarette is the exciting one because it contains several tobacco types and every maker of e-liquid has slightly different idea in the element, required to achieve the flavors. This flavor is one of the cheap e- liquid flavor and if a user loves tobacco, then this will suit them perfectly.

Menthol E-cigarette flavors: Menthol electronic cigarette liquids, can render everything that the user wants. It’s possible to do far more menthol in the e-cigarette liquid bottle that user ever able to obtain in the cigarette and it can be combined with the slight hint of mint flavor. If user wants delicious flavor, then the combination tobacco and menthol is the extraordinary one to make them feel heaven while having it and most of the companies are also doing this one.


Dessert E-cigarette flavors: This flavor comes in cheesecake, lemon ice, tiramisu, bananas foster, ice cream and cocoa flavor. These flavors are indistinguishable from the real life counterparts. This electronic cigarette is very cheap e liquid flavor and it is completely calorie free.

Spice E-cigarette flavors: This flavor, not developed more, because compared to other electronic cigarette flavors, it has less user. So while ordering it, customer must be careful, particularly regarding this flavor, because some companies are doing pretty bad.

Fruit and Beverage electronic cigarette flavors: Like other cigarette flavors, this category runs more. Some of the offbeat items used in this flavor is soda, Darjeeling tea, energy drinks and soda. Some flavors works well and few will be strange to have.

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